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about Julie

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Building upon my career span of 22+ years and extensive experience in hospitality, business development, merchandising, sourcing, and executing creative solution based sales, I am enthused most when given the opportunity to exhibit my skills and abilities to contribute to enhance the sales for my suppliers. During a career with Julie Francis Associates spanning more than two years, I am credited for exceeding sales targets of product lines. I enjoy working with creative people and the design process. I have rich knowledge and key relationships in the architectural and interior design. I understand my industry, my customers and my suppliers very well and know how to help identify/create the need for the customer to sell the product effectively.

I know the nerve of the market and develop the strategy accordingly as per the changing needs of the customers. I am a consistent performer with a track record of exceeding sales milestones year after year. A visionary and pathfinder for the new marketplace, I am adept at transitioning companies from static/reduced growth to commercial success. I always focus on representing reliable product lines that will stand behind their products and like working with clients to come up with creative solutions that are within budget. I have been focusing on building strategic and collaborative relationships. I have been providing expert advice, design coordination, specifying, and order expediting services.

I am a creative, innovative and forward-thinking Business Executive who solves complex business development challenges with thoughtful, elegant and clearly defined strategies to become top sales performer. Known for the ability to “read” the customer. I am recognized as a good negotiator, who has rich interpersonal relationships, presentation, negotiation and communication skills.